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Coca Cola Lucky Draw 2020 – Coca Cola 2020 Winner List Latest Updates

Dear Lovers of Coca Cola Lucky Draw 2020 ! This is very easy to participate in coca cola Lucky Draw and you don’t need any registration for this. Now coca cola Lottery is connected to all Indian sim cards and your mobile number will be included in coca cola lucky winner 2020 by following some easy steps. Do you want to add your name in coca cola coca cola lottery 2020?. It’s very easy with us now because you are on the right place here. We will show the 42 lucky winners of coca cola promo and Coca Cola promo 2020 UK. Just call us coca cola WhatsApp Number and get complete details of coca cola coca cola lottery. Finally we will show the full Coca Cola Winner 2020 List in this website.

42 Lucky Winners of Coca Cola Promo

Dear Clients of 42 lucky winners of coca cola promo it is important to tell you that many people are receiving fake calls in these days. There are few scammers who try to use some people to get money and to improve their financial position. In other words, you can say the coca cola lottery winner scam is back. You can judge the scammers very easily you should just call on coca cola lottery head office which is 0019188444478. So if you received any type of fake email or whatsapp sms please call on coca cola head office.

They may send you email or SMS alert to show you that they are official coca cola officers. We warn you to protect yourself from all these kind of frauds. Therefore coca cola introduced lottery help center and lottery checker system in this website. Now you can check your coca cola lottery 2020 online by using our website. You can also check your name in our provided official coca cola Lottery Winners List 2020. coca cola promo 2020 uk is also connected.If your number not registered in coca cola Lottery yet. Then don’t delay call us right away and get your number registered in coca cola Lottery 2020.

Coca Cola Lucky Draw 2020

Check Coca Cola Lottery Online 2020

Check Coca Cola lottery online 2020 lists for your Coca Cola lottery number check online put details go to Coca Cola online lottery check form enter your details with lottery number so that you can get your information for happy moments of Coca Cola hot seat. Coca Cola established an online form from where you can check Coca Cola lottery online like jio lottery check online, Vodafone lottery checks online and airtel lottery checks online. there are many types of lottery numbers you can get via SMS so type your lottery number and mobile number in online lottery check form to get details. also, Coca Cola lottery ticket check that you buy to get into lottery lucky draw.

Check Coca Cola Lottery Online

To check Coca Cola Lottery/ticket online please enter your winner mobile number and registered lottery number.

Dear Coca cola winner if you don’t have your registered lottery number please contact Coca Cola lottery head office 0019188444454. Because this Coca Cola lottery head office number is officially registered with Coca Cola.

Coca Cola Lottery Winner List 2020

  • Mr. Imran Khan DK Lottery Amount 10,00,000 USD Winning Date 15 June 2020.
  • Mr. Shabbir Rambo Lottery Amount 10,00,000 Pounds Winning Date 15 June 2020.
  • Ms. Gouni Kumari Lottery Amount 1,00,00,000 INR Winning Date 15 June 2020.
  • Mr. Ramzan Qamro Lottery Amount 50,00,000 PKR Winning Date 15 June 2020.
  • Mr. Ganyaal Singh Lottery Amount 20,00,000 Euro Winning Date 15 June 2020.

Dear Coca Cola winner if you have any question about Coca Cola winner list please contact us. So don’t be late and contact on this number 0019188444478.

Coca Cola Winner 2020 Fraud Whatsapp SMS Email

Warning: We have been receiving Complaints about the fake coca cola lucky draw 2020 from few Pakistani numbers. Remember, you don’t have to receive any calls coming from +92**** code. This is the Pakistani code. Remember don’t give out any Information to any fake Lottery call. If you have any queries or issues regarding coca cola winning prize, only call coca cola Head Office WhatsApp number.

Coca Lottery Winner 2020

18 thoughts on “Coca Cola Lucky Draw 2020 – Coca Cola 2020 Winner List Latest Updates”

  1. Iam Coca Cola mobile draw winning prize person I have a email message received this message is true or false tell me sir

  2. i got a email form coca cola lottery 2020.and i got winner.but how can i know it is real or fake .suppose i m right ‘ how can i get money in my country. please tell me detail …….

  3. Iam Coca Cola mobile draw winning prize person I have a email message received to my number is true or false tell me sir

  4. My Name is not listed in the list of coca cola lottery lovers of 2020. But i have recieved a call from some body informing me as i was won the lottery and i asked to pay custom charge. Please tell me the truth.

    1. I received an email saying i have won 2020 $1,650 000 00 with the email to say i must confirm it to receive my payout but my email didn’t go through

  5. Good evening sir
    I have received an email from Coca-Cola mobile promo 2020 is it true or fraud.
    Infact they have given evey detail of it and told me to contact RBI Delhi . Should I contact or not
    Please do assist me in this regard
    Javeed Ahmed

    1. I am a winner of 500000.000 pound of Coca Cola Uk lottery 2020.How can I get the cash? Though I have already sent my address yet I am not sure about the cash.If they cash my accoun,Then I will be sure.So send my cash soon.

  6. I am from Bangladesh… i got a message today …
    That i won coca cola uk lottery prize …
    £ 500,000.000 pounds …
    But i don’t take any lottery ticket…

    Is it fake or, real ?

    1. I am from Banglades. I got a message today.that I am won £ 500,000. 000 pounds . But I Don’t take any lottery ticket , Is it fake or real???

  7. I have received a massage
    Congrats! Your mobile no has won £500.000.000 from COCA-COLA UK lottery prize 2020.
    So how to claim this lottery prize?

  8. I am from Bangladesh… i got a message today …
    That i won coca cola uk lottery prize …
    £ 500,000.000 pounds …

    Is it fake or, real ?

  9. Hi
    I got a message from a airtel number that was +8801646******.
    That was Congrats! Your mobile no. has won £500,000.000 pounds from COCA-COLA Uk lottery prize 2020. To claim send name,mobile no,&age vai Email:cokdraw1@*******.com
    Is it fake or real.

  10. Yesterday i received message from ukcola at Hotmail. com that says i am the winner of ukcola of mobile lucky draw of prise that I win 80,0000 pounds
    Plz tell us it is true or false if it is true then how I claim my prise thanks

  11. I got mesage from another number to mu number in my country, i am from ethiopia for coca cola company for uk ,is it true,or false, then i sent gmail,they send me form ,you won 1 million pound,fill this form i filed i am waiting them is it real any person plz help

  12. I received a massage yesterday. Then i see someone text i have got a prize is Coca-Cola lucky draw winner 500000GBP.That’s true or false.

  13. I have found a massage that i won the Coca-Cola UK lottery prize 2020. Which is 500,000.000 pounds . Sir is that true or fake????????

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